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Our Mission

Another Reason to Love the Ocean

Cabo Trek LogoAt Cabo Trek, we work to further the understanding and appreciation of the world by re-establishing our connection with mother nature.

Cabo Trek works diligently towards creating a common consciousness and understanding of the oceans and we strive to make a difference in this world by interacting with it with responsibility and humanity.

This means operating as one of the leading responsible whale watching operations in all of Los Cabos, maintaining a safe distance both for the whales, their calves, and our customers, and educating customers on ways they can help, be it donations, petitions, green thinking and more.

The Baja California Sur region has the largest humpback whale population in the Pacific and each year they journey all the way to our beautiful coasts, making it one of the most awe-inspiring times of the year.

A close encounter with these majestic creatures is sure to make your trip unforgettable.

It is through our whale watching tours that we achieve our mission – giving you another reason to love the ocean and furthering your understanding and appreciation of it.

Climb aboard and let’s get trekking!

Our team is comprised of genuinely talented and Earth-loving people.

Fredy Gallardo

Fredy Gallardo is one of our captains. Born in Acapulco with 15 years of experience with wildlife tours. In addition to being responsible for the safety of customers on board, he also supports the monitoring of marine animals in case if the animal needs help. Fredi was trained by Mexican Whale Entanglement Response Network it means he is one of the few people in Los Cabos that can save an entangled whale. Always very attentive to any sign of marine life to provide a tour with varied sightings and good surprises.

Adrian Alvarado

Adrian is from Acapulco, Guerrero he is our second Boat Captain with over eight years of experience around Baja California Sur, arriving in 2011 he starts calling Los Cabos home, the place where all Mexico and the world meet. After all those years of experience, he becomes one of the few expert Captains in Los Cabos to offshore and deep dive spots, like Gordo Banks where good communication, responsibility, and safety come first. Taking hundreds of Technical, Rebreathers, and recreational divers, always taking care of the guests to have the best experience in every way with him. He’s also Experience Whale Watching Captain adding that he loves the sea for all the biodiversity on each season, he likes to appreciate everything nature has to offer.

Angelica Lidwiczak
Guide, Marine Biologist, and Divemaster

Angelika is a marine biologist and divemaster from Poland, driven by a love for the underwater world. She learned to dive at the age of ten in Egypt, and that’s when she decided her future should be connected to the ocean. She’s interested in eco-tourism and loves sharing knowledge about marine life and sustainable use of the environment. She’s been traveling the world searching for a perfect place to call home, and over three years ago, she decided that Mexico is better than anywhere else. She’s been working in Cabo Trek since 2018, guiding our whale watching and diving tours. Her hobbies are wildlife and underwater photography, freediving, and yoga.

Thais Dib Frias
Guide, Marine Biologist, and Divemaster

My passion for the ocean started very early in life as I spent full weekends sailing and snorkeling on the coasts of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Working as a biologist and a dive instructor at Cabotrek is a unique opportunity where I can experience, observe, research, and be an ambassador for wildlife.

Vanuza Rodriguez Borges
Guide, Marine Biologist, and Divemaster

Vanuza is a marine biologist, divemaster, and Photographer. Her passion for the ocean started when she was a young girl, living with her parents in Brasil’s tiny house in front of the Atlantic Ocean. In 2016 she moved to Mexico-BCS, where she found Paradise for work and raising her family. Vanuza believes that people take care of what they know, inviting them to watch and understand real wildlife is the goal to guarantee the future of the next generations. “she said, let’s take a walk on the wild side.”

Monik Saab

Monik is a Padi scuba dive instructor from Brazil, who arrived in Cabo in 2020, and started freelancing with Cabo Trek in July 2021!

She loves working with people, teaching, and loves nature and, of course, scuba diving! She’s been in over 33 countries and has been diving for 12 years!

She always wants to learn something new and is very proactive.

CaboTrek was founded by Philipp Moser, a true world trekker who has lived and worked in many exotic locations such as Thailand, Nigeria, and different parts of Central America. He’s a professional and energetic Austrian entrepreneur with lots of passion for the ocean and the environment. He first came to Cabo in 2011 for a planned “short period of time”, but amazed with the surrounding natural beauty, decided to make it his permanent home. For this reason he created CaboTrek. Supported by an incredible team of incredible people who share his same vision, passion, and enthusiasm for the oceans and great outdoors.

Adriana Galindo de Moser is a good person to have in your corner. You might not see her around the shop very often, but without her this project would not have been possible. She plays a very important rule in the whole organization of Cabo Trek handling important essentials like public relations, communications, operations management and last but not least moral support. The baby (Valentina) in her hands is our biggest motivation to get up in the morning and give our best each and every day!