Our Mission

Yet Another Reason to Love the Ocean

Cabo Trek: Another Reason to Love the Ocean

At Cabo Trek we work to further the understanding and appreciation of the world by re-establishing our connection with mother nature.

Cabo Trek works diligently towards creating a common consciousness and understanding of the oceans and we strive to make a difference in this world by interacting with it responsibly and humanely.

This means operating as one of the leading responsible wildlife tour operators in all of Los Cabos and simultaneously advise customers on ways they can help: be it donations, petitions, green thinking and more.

It is through our tours that we achieve our mission– giving you “another reason to love the ocean” and furthering your understanding and appreciation of it.

Cabo Trek: off the beaten trek! We choose to focus on small group tours only so that we can guarantee excellent quality service: all our guides are PADI certified scuba diving instructors and the crew counts with marine biologists, wildlife naturalists and skilled photo professionals, but the most important skill is:

We are all driven by dedication and passion in what we do!

Climb aboard and lets get trekking! Contact us, we customize every tour according to your needs.