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Our clients mean everything

Cabo Trek was founded by Philipp Moser, a true world trekker who has lived and worked in many exotic locations such as Thailand, Nigeria, and different parts of Central America. He’s a professional and energetic Austrian entrepreneur with lots of passion for the ocean and the environment. He first came to Cabo in 2011 for a “planned short period of time,” but amazed with the surrounding natural beauty, decided to make it his permanent home. For this reason he created Cabo Trek. Supported by an incredible team of incredible people who share his same vision, passion, and enthusiasm for the oceans and great outdoors.


Ricardo Ayala, Originally from the coast of Jalisco an area called Costa Alegre, he grew up in the Natural Reserve and Biology Station of Chamela. After moving to Guadalajara for a few years he got a degree on International Commerce from ITESO and decided to move back to the sea. His passion for the ocean has pushed him to explore and live in different places. He is avid Freediver and Spearfisherman who likes to share the principals of sustainable harvesting and appreciation of the underwater biodiversity. Now he uses his professional skill both in the Ocean and behind the desk organizing Cabo Treks activities.

Jacopo Brunetti  is a marine biologist, Padi Open Water Scuba Instructor and professional underwater photographer and videographer. Born in Italy in 1982 he has a degree in Biology, a master in Marine Biology and Aquatic Ecosystem and a master in Scientific Comunication. Since 2005 he provides professional underwater images and solutions worldwide! His life is the ocean, he loves shark! He worked and dove with sharks and big marine animals in all the world, last year he worked in the Tiger Shark Tagging Program 2014 at Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology, he collaborates with different magazines and Tv networks like Travel Channel and Wild tv. He has a strong experience in diving and freediving with big marine animals, he knows perfectly how to behave with pelagic wildlife and he loves to share his knowledge with passionate people.

Adriana Galindo de Moser is a good person to have in your corner. You might not see her around the shop very often, but without her everything that happens at Cabo Trek would not have been possible. She plays a very important role in the whole organization of Cabo Trek handling important essentials like public relations, communications, operations management and husband support not matter what.

In her hands the next generation of nature lovers: Valentina Moser, one more reason to get up and work hard every day.