Baja Land LiveAboard!

A wonderful journey to discover Baja above and under the water!

Tour Duration: 7 Days / 6 Nights


  • 2.990 USD per person

(max. 4 persons)


From June to December


Tour can be customized to the needs of the group


Activities, Accommodation, Transportation, Guides.


Diving equipment, meals.

Additional Seasonal Options:

Don’t forget to Bring:

Camera, Sunscreen, Hat, Spirit of adventure and love for dirt roads.


Tour Highlights

  • Best dive sites of Baja California Sur
  • 10 Dives
  • Sharks, Sea Lions, Turtles, Rays and much more!
  • Visit Cabo San Lucas, Cabo Pulmo & La Paz
  • Small groups, maximum 4 people
  • 90ºF (30ºC) water temperature &60+Ft (30+m) visibility
  • Multilingual guides
  • Multiple opportunities for land activities
  • Visit to Balandra Beach

7 Days Diving Baja Sur!

There are many different ways to explore Baja California Sur and Cabo Trek has created its own version of this trip: a 7 day diving adventure to explore the best dives of the southern part of the Mexican peninsula. Small groups up to 4 people guided by local experts with a wealth of knowledge to share along the tour.

Cabo Trek’s meticulous organization takes care of: transportation, accommodation and activities, all carefully planned to ensure a comfortable and relaxing time: there will be plenty of action but also time to chill out and enjoy the surroundings.

  • First Days: Cabo San Lucas

We will start the trip in Cabo San Lucas: the most glamorous town of the three. We will spend the first 3 nights here and get to know the local Marine Park with its sea lions, white tip reef sharks, ship wreck and not to forget the famous arch. The “Corridor“, the coastline that unites Cabo San Lucas with San Jose’ , is also well worth exploring: very interesting marine life can be found such as eagle rays, mobula manta rays and some of the bigger pelagic fish are also possible.

  • Journey to Cabo Pulmo and Sol de Mayo

As me move further into the Sea of Cortez and drive in the direction of Cabo Pulmo we definitely want to make a stop at the Sol de Mayo Waterfalls: cooler fresh water will make your day as you chill out at the bottom of the Sierra de la Laguna. The next day we continue our journey to reach our destination in Cabo Pulmo where the amount of fish will just blow your mind: Big Eye Jack tornados are impressive as is the chance to bump into bull and hammerhead sharks! This cozy little fisherman town has an incredible history to share: the transformation from overfishing to sustainable eco-tourism.

  • The capital of Baja California Sur: La Paz

Finally we reach the capital of the region: La Paz. If you’ve never heard of Espiritu Santo Island you’ll be surprised by the beautiful scenarios mother nature offers above and under the water! The warm crystal clear and turquoise waters and the white sand beaches resemble diving conditions that you would normally find in the Caribbean. The Galapagos of Mexico as it’s known in the world of divers due to it’s huge sea lion colony is surely a highlight of the trip as will be the break at Balandra beach.

All these places have incredible diving opportunities: sharks, rays, turtles, sea lions and other large pelagic fish such as whale sharks, marlins and tunas are possible and on the list of what you can expect to see. You’ll also find many different tropical species such as Yellowtail Surgeon fish, Puffer fish, Moorish Idol, Moray Eels, Butterfly fish, Snappers, Groupers and not to forget that we’ll be on top of the most northern coral reef of the North East Pacific Ocean.

This trip is a great opportunity to explore the best parts of Baja California Sur accompanied by our friendly and knowledgeable PADI PRO’S guides and find out about the huge diversity each of the places we will stop has to offer. The additional basic yoga lessons, the Mexican style food and welcoming people are also “ingredients” for delivering long lasting memories of this Baja adventure. 


Baja Land LiveAboard – Schedule:

Day 1: Check-in in Cabo San Lucas

  • Arrival in Cabo San Josè
  • Transfer to Cabo San Lucas hotel and check-in
  • Activity: Meet the crew and welcome drink
  • Activity: Equipment check
  • Activity: Sunset boat tour (Nice views of the Bay of Cabo )
  • Night in Hotel in Cabo San Lucas

Day 2: Diving Cabo San Lucas

  • 07:30am Activity: 2 Dives Cabo San Lucas Marine Park
  • 01:00pm Lunch
  • 08:00pm Dinner
  • Night in Cabo San Lucas 

Day 3: Diving Corridor

  • 07:30am Activity: 2 Dives Corridor
  • 01:00pm Lunch
  • 08:00pm Dinner
  • Night in Cabo San Lucas

Day 4: Cabo Pulmo

  • 07:00am Transfer to Cabo Pulmo (2 hours driving)
  • 10:00am Activity: 2 Dives Cabo Pulmo
  • 02:30pm Lunch
  • 08:00pm Dinner
  • Night in Cabo Pulmo

Day 5: Cabo Pulmo

  • 08:30am Activity: 2 Dives Cabo Pulmo
  • 12:30pm Lunch
  • 01:30pm Transfer to La Paz (abour 2,5 hours driving)
  • 04:30pm Check-in Hotel La Paz
  • 08:00pm Dinner
  • Night in La Paz

Day 6: La Paz

  • 08:00am Activity: 2 Dives Espiritu Santo Island – Balandra Beach (Lunch included)
  • 08:00pm Dinner
  • Night in La Paz

Day 7: Cabo San Lucas

  • 08:00am: Breakfast
  • 10:00am: Transfer to Cabo San Lucas (2,5 Hours drive)
  • 01:00pm: Lunch

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Price 7 Days / 6 Nights: 2.990 USD per person.
  2. Price based on double occupancy per room. For single room 300 USD extra charge.
  3. Included: transportation, accommodation, diving tours.
  4. Not included: Diving equipment (can be rented for 150USD for the week), all meals, alcoholic beverages and tips.
  5. Reservation: 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve the tour. Balance due 30 days before tour start.



Cancellation policy: deposit can be transfered to other party but is not refundable. Once balance is paid, 30 days prior departure, it is also not refundable but can be transfered to other party.


Insurance: Cabo Trek, it’s transportations devices by land and sea as well as third party service provider companies are all insured as required by Mexican law, nevertheless we strongly suggest to purchase a travel insurance to cover all kind of medical expenses. The activities we are going are rated EASY to INTERMEDIATE: Accidents are possible but risk is considered low, better be SAFE than SORRY.


  • Tour schedule is subject to weather conditions and activities may have to be rearranged, rescheduled, replaced or eventually cancelled. There will be no refund for cancelled tours, alternative program will be arranged.

  • First day and last day are subject to changes depending on flight arrival and departure times.

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Best time to go:

  • June 70% 70%
  • July 90% 90%
  • August 90% 90%
  • September 70% 70%
  • October 100% 100%
  • November 100% 100%
  • December 100% 100%