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happy familySo this was an exciting week! Well for sure it was for Bill, Jen, Katy, Ana and Vicky. This happy family came all the way from Minnesota to finish their Open Water training in Cabo San Lucas. I must say this was one of the easiest referral courses i’ve done, for sure the dive center in Minnesota did a great job, but also this guys are natural in the water!

So we spent 2 days in Cabo San Lucas Marine Park practicing skills in the open ocean and collecting experience to make this guys good divers. And I must say the diving conditions where kind of rough: the first day we had a huge thermocline at around 40 feet which helped us developing some goose pumps, but nothing really to worry about.Preparing equipment

The second day, the currents were really strong all of a sudden, but the ladies managed this situations like it was the most natural thing to do. So Vicky the youngest one (12 years old) really impressed me, but all of them were excellent divers.

In these 2 days we got to see  many different species of fish in the water, among them: angel fish, yellowtail surgeonfish, moorish idols, puffer fish…and many more, but the highlight was for sure the white tip reef shark that we saw on both days at Pelikan Rock!! The second day, we actually had the pleasure to see the shark in action while it was swimming aroung looking for a pray!


Whit_tipshark_web yellowtail surgeonfish angelfish

So after the 2 days diving in Cabo San Lucas, I could tell from the look in the eyes of those newly certified divers that they did not have enough of it, they wanted more! So after debating for a bit we decided that Cabo Pulmo was probably the kind of experience that would satisfy the need of adventure of this great group of divers!

Cabo PulmoCabo Pulmo is a natural oasis still immune to the mass tourism! A 2o km dirt road takes you to this place that if there wouldn’t be diving there would be really very little else to do…especially these days since this is a protected marine park and fishing is no longer allowed!

Scientist and marine biologist from all over the world come to study the miracle of this place: overfished for decades and now since the marine park establishment 1995, this place has become alive as or even better as before!


getting readyAnd this is the kind of experience we were looking for, we did 2 dives but honestly we should have spent 2, 3 days here to see all the beauty! The dive sites are shallow enough for all kind of levels, even snorkelers would enjoy most of the dive sites here!

A part of the bit schools of fish, very common in this area, we where looking for sharks!! Yes ladies and gentleman, these ladies came here to Cabo thinking sharks are human eaters and left as Shark Lovers!! That’s when I realize Cabo Trek accomplished with its mission!!

Well everybody but me, the guide did see 2 bull sharks!! And that is the reason i’m not posting any shark pictures…well I’m happy everybody else saw them, and that makes it 3 different species of sharks that we saw over 3 days of diving. For the record the 3rd one was a Guitar Shark, which we saw at North Wall during the first day of diving!

Cabo Pulmo is at its best in the summer month and throughout the fall, so if you fell like paying a visit to this awesome place don’t  hesitate in contacting us. You can also reach us on our Toll Free number from US and Canada: 1 844 851 9842.

Cabo Trek also organizes snorkeling tours, scuba diving trips to Gordo Banks, to the corridor and to La Paz. As well contact us for organizing multiple day excursions up and down the Baja California Sur region.

Cabo Pulmo Boat ride Happy Family Diving Cabo Pulmo Cabo Pulmo

And here the latest TripAdvisor review:

TripAdvisor scuba diving reviewOur family had an awesome experience with Phil and CaboTrek! My three daughters became certified open water divers under Phil’s expert instruction. My youngest is 12 and Phil took the extra time to make sure that she understood the theory and instructions for diving. His personalized approach created a great learning experience and I highly recommend Phil and CaboTrek for anyone looking to complete their open water certification!
We then took an amazing day trip to Cabo Pulmo! The dive was awesome! We saw giant groupers, thousands of snappers and 2 bull sharks! This will be a trip that we will never forget!
I highly recommend CaboTrek and Phil for a unique and unforgettable experience for your next visit to Cabo San Lucas!”


Philipp Moser

Scuba in Cabo

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