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A lot of the Cabo Trek success story can be attributed to the marine biologist-led whale watching tours in Cabo that keep us busy during the winter months. However, having moved to a new premises this season and with the addition of new diving staff, Cabo Trek is pleased to announce it has as of this week become a PADI dive centre. As a PADI memeber Cabo Trek will continue to offer small and personal scuba diving trips in Cabo San Lucas, the Corridor and Cabo Pulmo as well as customized snorkeling tours; whether you are beginner or advanced diver, Cabo Trek can tailor a tour around the wishes of you, your friends and family.

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) organization is currently the largest and most visible diving association operating worldwide. It insists on safe and responsible dive practices as a prerequisite to membership. We have been awarded membership status based on the quality standards of our boat, our selection of rental equipment and our offices. PADI will be in close contact with Cabo Trek making sure we are providing our divers with the most recent training standards to the highest level.

What we Offer

Discover Scuba Diving
Maybe you’re a seasoned snorkeler? Maybe you don’t have time to get qualified but still want to have a go? Or maybe have never even ventured in water too deep to stand up in? Whichever category you fall into we have a class for absolute beginners. It’s a life-changer! Following a short presentation and short skills practice you’re ready under close supervision of your instructor to dive down to 12m/40ft and swim alongside the fishes, turtles and even sea lions on your first dive!

Certified Diving
Here at Cabo Trek we are offering a different dive experience. Cabo Trek is dedicated to operating much smaller, private groups for a cheaper price than most private guide upgrades. We can go to the places you request before all the other dive boats arrive at the more popular dive sites. This is a perfect experience for those of you who want a 1 on 1. Maybe you have fast air consumption and don´t want to hinder the other divers or maybe you are experienced divers and don´t want to take the risk of being put in a group with the less experienced. Do you only have time for one tank? No problem, we can organise something perfect for you.

We also have a variety of courses available.

The staff
All of the permanent dive staff at Cabo Trek have an instructor rating of Staff Instructor. This means that we are actually qualified to train other diving instructors. We don’t just guide: we offer solutions to problems and give advice to help improve technique if needed. Cabo Trek employ tank handlers so that the guides have more time to be with the divers from start to finish. From giving a quick refresher of equipment at the dock before the dive to logging dive information with you afterwards.

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By PADI IDC Staff Instructor  Laura Tyrrell

Philipp Moser

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