Diving Cerralvo Island - La Reina

Open ocean adventure

Season: July to December

Tour Duration: 10 Hours

Tour Start:

  • 07:00am


  • 299 USD p.p. min. 4 divers
  • 1.299 USD Private max. 4 Divers


Boat ride, PADI Pro instructor, All necessary equipment, Water, Juices & Snacks, Marine Park Fees, Transportation.

What to Bring:

Sweater, Camera, Sunscreen, Diving Licence



  • A 2 tanks check out dive in Cabo is required.


La Reina | Dive Site Statistics

  • Large Marine Life 90% 90%
  • Macro 10% 10%
  • Large Schools of Fish 90% 90%
  • Sealions 100% 100%
  • Difficulty 80% 80%

Also known as Jacques Cousteau island…

The pinnacle of La Reina is situated just a few miles of Cerralvo Island. This dive site is another jewel of the Sea of Cortez where encounters with big pelagic Manta Rays are possible. Among big schools of fish also the rest of a shipwreck and coral reefs are to be found in these crystal clear waters.

Relatively easy diving with a maximum depth of around 20m (60 feet) and very good visibility up to 30m (90 feet). We operate this trip only from May o December and water temperature can vary between 22 and  29 Degrees Celsius (72 – 86 Degrees Fahrenheit). Challenging can be the currents that sporadically are present in the area.

This blue water dive trip is worth the effort to get there: a full day starting from 06:45am and returning around 05:00pm. Driving for about 2 hours and 1,5 hours by boat is what it is necessary to dive this spot.


Although this is a relatively easy dive site and no other certifications needed other than the PADI Open Water (or equivalent) the sometimes challenging conditions require us to asses your diving skills before getting there  with a  “check out” dive to our local dive sites in Cabo San Lucas to refresh diving skills: especially if you haven’t dove in a while.

The use of NITROX is possible. An Enriched Air mixture of 36% is optimal for the depth of these dives. The use of NITROX requires to be certified as such.

Manta Rays Paradise:

Some quick facts about the main highlight of this dive site;

  • Manta rays are cold-blooded fish with flat diamond-shaped bodies.
  • The larger species is the giant oceanic manta ray (Manta birostris) and the smaller species is the reef manta ray (Manta alfredi).
  • Manta Rays are giant animals. Their size can reach up to 9 meters and can weight up to 2 tons. They are believed to live for at least 50 year.
  • Both manta ray species have escape speeds of up to 24km per hour.
  • Due to their large size and speed, they have very few natural predators, these include large sharks and killer whales.
  • They are harmless and can’t hurt any diver or swimmer. They are usually very curious and swim around the divers.
  • The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) declared giant manta rays as ’vulnerable’ in 2011.


Tour Schedule:

  • 06:45am Meeting at Cabo Trek Office*
  • 09:00am Arrival in Las Ventanas
  • 11:00am Dive 1 (45 min. approx.)
  • 45 min. Surface Interval
  • 01:30pm Dive 2 (45 min. approx.)
  • 03:00pm Departure from Las Ventanas
  • 05:30pm Back at Cabo Trek Office

Diving itinerary map

Some of the Baja Diving highlights:

  • Good chance of seeing sharks: schools of silky sharks and hammerheads
  • Schools of Jacks, Bonitas, Yellowfin Tuna, pelagic sting rays, Mantas, Mobulas
  • Experience deep blue water dive
  • Dive in small groups with a PADI certified Divemaster or instructor


  • If you want to use ENRICHED AIR, you need to be certified for the use and handling of NITROX.
  • A 2 tanks check out dive in Cabo San Lucas and/or Corridor is required to assess/refresh diving skills.


Cabo Trek organizes flexible tours according to your wishes: let us know what you’re looking for, your level of expertise and we organize the right tour for your group. 

Multiple day trips are also possible: not only diving, if you go for a multiple day trip we can explore Baja California a bit more in depth: fresh water waterfalls, cave paintings, ghost towns, desert tours are among the activities besides diving available in this region.

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  • Large Marine Life 70% 70%
  • Macro 80% 80%
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