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Today the Ocean conditions were great for scuba diving in Santa Maria Bay:

  • 29°C (90°F) water temperature
  • 50 feet visibility
  • great amount of fish
  • 2 brave first timers

The ingredients for a perfect discover scuba diving experience!

So Morgan and Laura decided, despite the resistance of mum, to undertake the journey that could possibly make a difference in Laura’s young life: she dreams to be a doctor but she’s unsure whether she loves more to help humans or animals! Well I told her that there are plenty of sharks out there that are screaming for help and protection.

So after about half an hour basic theory of scuba diving where we get all the questions and doubts out of the way we are ready to put hands on the equipment: another short introduction to what a regulator is, what the tank does and what BCD stands for.

Giant_Hawkfish_web1Well BCD stands for Buoyancy Control Device: it’ basically the jacket that allows you to float on the surface and trim you buoyancy underwater. You want to be neutral to optimize air consumption and preserving the environment by not damaging it with the fins.

Scuba diving is for everyone, for beginners and first timers it is alway a very exciting experience blowing their first bubbles underwater! And Cabo offers incredible sceneries that may turn you into a diving addicted person.


angelfishSo why scuba diving? well, first of all we get to see the fish closer, we get to go to places the snorkelers cannot reach. We see Angelfish, Puffer fish, Yellowtail Surgeonfish, Moray Eels, Turtles, Eagle Rays, Sting Rays, Sargent Fish, and many more.

We do scuba diving in Cabo and Baja California Sur all year round as well as the snorkeling has not limits.

Other activities such as: whale watching, whale shark snorkeling, grey whale watching are seasonal so contact us for more infos or keep the dates in mind:

Cabo Trek and its instructors are affiliated to PADI, the world biggest diving organization, and we provide a safe and fun experience: don’t trust my words? check out the video:

Philipp Moser

Scuba in Cabo

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