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Short boat trips

Diving Cabo San Lucas Marine Park

Diving in Cabo San Lucas Marine Park offers short boat trips to beautiful coral encrusted rocky reefs teeming with fish, invertebrates and seasonal marine mammals like sea lions and whales. Cabo Trek offers year round private scuba trips to these sites.
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The marine protected area was established in 1973 and covers almost 90% of the bay. Most of the premier dive sites are located along the stretch of coast running to Lands End. The best thing about these sites – being protected areas for the last 37 years they have experienced a great increase in fish and invertebrate populations. Our favorite dive spots are Lands End and Pelican Rock.

Trip time from the harbor to the Bay dive sites is a very nice and comfortable 10 minutes, perfect for those who tend to suffer from sea-sickness. Our boats are stable and comfortable.During the surface intervals we can tour the area, visiting the Pacific side of the peninsula to examine the unique geographical structures that have made Cabo San Lucas famous – like the world renowned Cabo Arch.

Course Schedule

Tour Schedule Cabo San Lucas Marine Park:
07:30am Meeting at Cabo Trek Office*
08:00am Dive 1 (45 min. approx.)
45 minutes surface interval 09:30am Dive 2 (45 min. approx.)
10:30am Back at Cabo Trek Office.

Season: Year Round

Tour Duration: 4 Hours

Tour times:

  • Flexible

    What to Bring:

    Sweater, Camera, Sunscreen, Diving Licence


  • 125 USD p.p. Semi Private
  • 550 USD Private max. 4 Divers


Boat ride, PADI Pro instructor, All necessary equipment, Water, Juices & Snacks, Marine Park Fees.

Sea lions on the rocks

You can also visit the sea lion colony at Lands End and have a walk on Lovers and Divorce Beaches. During the months of December through March we are often lucky to enjoy the spectacular show put on by the Whales that visit the Los Cabos region.

Diving in Cabo San Lucas Bay is a great way to spend a half day getting to know the amazing biodiversity that has made the Sea of Cortez famous.

Cabo Trek offers you a unique valet service with private scuba trips, snorkel & Whale Watching Tours all led by our top rated PADI Instructor Team in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Dive Sites Around Cabo San Lucas


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Diving in Cabo San Lucas

Diving Cabo San Lucas Marine Park

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