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Freediving is about exploring our natural capacities

Freediving is a liberating activity, it allows us to experiment the weightless sensation in the water, that can be compared to flying, that joy that feels like entering another reality, to let our mind fly without restrictions and also connects us more to the here and now. Freediving is about exploring our natural capacities, developing a balanced state with our environment, about seeing the underwater world with our own eyes and at the same time diving deep inside ourselves.

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From the treasures that offers this activity the relaxation stands out, allowing us to achieve a present state to transform each breath in unique experiences. Although all of this sounds as knowledge reserved for athletes, Yogis, or enlightened people, the truth is that it is more of a recreational activity than an extreme one, that means that “everybody can practice and enjoy it”. This way the real challenge here is to learn to live the life one breath at the time.

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Entry lever AIDA 1 Star course is designed for everyone who wants to get in touch with this new way to explore the Ocean. No performance requirements are needed to complete the certification. In this course, you learn to use a mask, snorkel and fins, and may also use a wetsuit and weight belt. Using gear designed specifically for freediving is best, however, in this course, you may be able to use snorkeling equipment you already own. Courses take about 1 day to be completed. Prerequisites: be at least 12 years old, be in general good physical conditions and need adequate swimming skills, no prior experience with snorkeling, skin diving or freediving needed.

PADI Basic – AIDA 1 STAR includes:

  • 1 Theory session
  • 1 Breathing and relaxation session
  • 1 Confined water session in a pool
  • 1 Open water session from shore


  • Duration: 1 Days
  • Freediving equipment
  • AIDA 1 Star PDF guide

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    AIDA 2 STAR:
    The AIDA 2 Stars course is more demanding therefore more of a challenge to complete. Freediving is about inward power, discipline and control: during the 2 days of training you will learn how to reach the goals for this course. AIDA sets the goal to 20 m (60ft.) of depth. Part of the course is also to learn static and dynamic breath holding techniques.

    Prerequisites: be at least 16 years old, be in general good physical conditions and need adequate swimming skills, no prior experience with snorkeling, skin diving or freediving needed.

    AIDA 2 STAR includes:

  • 2 Theory session
  • 1 Breathing and relaxation session
  • 2 Confined water session in a pool
  • 2 Open water session from shore and boat


  • Duration: 2 Days + half day home study
  • Freediving equipment
  • AIDA 2 Star PDF guide

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    Our freediving Courses

    As we already said, you don’t need superhuman skills to be practicing freediving, you just need a few basic skills and knowledge, such as learning how to fully relax your mind and body, how to equalize your ears and how to get the best use of your equipment. In our educational programs you can learn this step by step and develop the skills necessary to enjoy this activity in a safe way. Discover the wonders of this sport by living the Freedive Baja Experience, learn the foundations of the sport in our basic levels, or learn how to improve your abilities with our Advanced Level Courses.

    Every course consists of three main phases:

  • Knowledge development about free diving principles. This happens through independent study that is followed by a classroom session.
  • A confined water session to learn breath-hold techniques. At the same time, we teach you static and dynamic apnea.
  • Open water sessions to practice free immersion and constant weight freedives.

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    Cabo Trek: Another Reason to Love the Ocean

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    The best and easiest way to discover a new world!


    What Is Freediving?

    Diving into deep waters on one breath and without any breathing apparatus is referred to as ‘freediving’. Freedivers use inward control, discipline and power to descend into the ocean while holding their breath until they resurface. Freediving is both a recreational and competitive sport, with many freediving competitions being held regularly around the world.

    What Is the Difference Between Snorkeling and Freediving?

    Although both freediving and snorkeling require the use of similar equipment, the two activities are quite different. Snorkelers remain on the surface of the ocean looking down with their mask while breathing through their snorkels. Whereas, freedivers dive deep beneath the ocean’s surface holding their breath until they resurface. Freedivers only use their snorkel at the surface of the water and instead, remove this piece of equipment before they descend.

    If I Can’t Hold My Breath for a Long Time Does That Mean I Can’t Freedive?

    This is one of the most common misconceptions about freediving. With proper training you will learn breath-hold techniques that will likely result in you being pleasantly surprised by how long you can hold your breath.

    Do I Need to Know How to Swim?

    While you don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer to take the course, it is important that you feel confident in the water. To become a Freediver you will need to be able to swim 200 meters/218 yards. This swim will be untimed and can be completed using any stroke, so you can take your time. You’ll also need to learn multiple breath-hold techniques, some of which involve swimming underwater and at depth.

    What Are the Course Requirements?

    To become a AIDA Freediver you will need to complete three main phases of the course:

    1. Knowledge Development– This is the theory portion of the course that you will need to complete before you start your confined and open water sessions.
    2. Confined Water Sessions– During this section of your course you will learn multiple breath-hold techniques in order to achieve a static and dynamic apnea skills.
    3. Open Water Sessions– This is where you will practice your breath-hold techniques during both free immersion and constant weight. You will also complete a range of buddy and safety procedures.

    How Old Do I Need to Be to Start Freediving?

    To enrol in the PADI Freediver course you must be at least 16 years old


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