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Long time no diving?
You might need a refresher: PADI Scuba Tune Up

If it’s been a while since your last dive PADI’s Scuba Tune-up program will help you feel comfortable getting back in the water. Whether you have a dive trip coming up or want to pursue additional dive training, PADI Scuba Tune-Up allows you to quickly refresh your knowledge and scuba skills. The course is designed to help you focus only on the topics where your knowledge may have lapsed, and skip over material you know well. Any certified diver can enroll in the PADI Scuba Tune-Up course. The eLearning course fee only covers your online training, assessments and certification card. Practical training fees, dives, dive equipment, student slate and logbook are available at additional fees in our office.

Course Schedule

  • Day 1: Open Water Refresher Dives 1 & 2

    Activity is lead by highly qualified PADI professional Scuba Diving Instructors who will be next to you at all time during this experience.

    Practical experience (the dives) can take place either in “Cabo San Lucas Marine Park” or in the “Corridor“

  • Activity runs:

    Year Round

    Course Duration: 

    1 Day in Cabo:

    • 2 Open Water Dives

    Course Start:

    • Flexible


    • Physically Fit
    • Be PADI Open Water Certified

    Why Scuba Tune Up:

    • Long time without diving
    • Refreshing skills
    • Refreshing knwoledge


    • 70 USD E-Learning Theory 
    • 145 USD Practical Part in Cabo

    Included: Boat , PADI Instructor, All necessary Equipment, Water, Snacks. 

    What to Bring: Sweater, Camera, Sunscreen, Hat, Towel

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    Chose option – Continue Education –> Scuba Tune Up

    Cabo Trek PADI Store Number is: 25979

    STEP 2

    Contact us and let us know when you’ll be in Cabo and if you have any questions or doubts.

    Reserve your spots now by clicking the “Book Now” button below.

    As easy as that! You’re on the best trek to get back in the water safe while having fun!



    What are the course prerequisites?

    Any certified diver can enroll in the PADI Scuba Tune-Up course. Also you will have access to a tablet.

    What else is required to complete the course?

    Working with a PADI Professional, you’ll practice putting a scuba unit together and doing a predive safety check. In the water, you’ll review all the basic scuba skills – with a focus on good buoyancy control.

    How long do I have to complete the program? How long does it take?

    PADI Scuba Tune Up eLearning will be available for one year from the time of program registration. Though you must finish the online portion of the course within that time frame, you will have perpetual access to an online version of the PADI Scuba Tune Up Manual through the PADI Digital Library app. The PADI Scuba Tune Up eLearning should take approximately 2 hours to complete.

    What’s so great about PADI Scuba Tune Up eLearning?

    Using home-study material, you’ll review important dive safety concepts, dive planning, and problem management. 

    What does PADI Scuba Tune Up eLearning cost and cover?

    The cost of PADI Scuba Tune Up eLearning varies by region and is nonrefundable. The fee covers your knowledge development training and unlimited access to PADI Scuba Tune Up eLearning via the PADI Digital Library. Your PADI Dive Center or Resort will charge an additional fee for the in-water portion of your course.

    How do I document that I’ve completed the knowledge development portion of the program?

    Once you finish PADI Scuba Tune Up eLearning, your dive center is notified that you have completed it and that you are ready for the practical portion of the course. At the end of the PADI Scuba Tune Up eLearning program, you will need to print out your eRecord and bring a copy of it with you to your selected PADI Dive Center or Resort, or email it to them.


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