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snorkeling in caboSnorkel is an activity designed for all types of swimmers who want to spend the day discovering the
seabed and to learn about the different types of fauna and flora that live underwater and to spend a pleasant day in the sea water.
This is a fairly simple and relaxing practice only consists of swim or float on the surface of the water in the sea in a lake or river, looking at the bottom of the sea and its species.

Through a mask and a tube (snorkel) that will allow us to breathe and fins that will help us to be able to move easily in the water, the equipment is complete to start the adventure in the water of Cabo San Lucas. Talking about the water, it may be a good idea to wear a rush guard as protection against the strong Mexican sun or just use a lot of sunscreen. When during the winter month the water temperatures go below 70°F you may consider wearing a wetsuit: a 3mm shorty will do the job and make your experience lasting longer and more enjoyable. Another piece of equipment that may be of help is the life vest: if you’re not a strong swimmer it is recommended to wear one at all the time. Even for young kids and older people it may be a good idea just in case the ocean is a bit rough or currents are present.

diving corridorThe best thing about this activity is that there is no real preparation required nor need to learn a specific technique, just take your equipment and enjoy. Even the children, under the supervision of an adult, can enjoy snorkeling. It is, in short, a fun activity for everyone.

Although if you want to go a step further and explore in depth the seabed, for the real adventurer there’s always the opportunity to upgrade to a scuba diving expe

rience. In Cabo San Lucas, scuba diving is a prime activity and weather you are a beginner or a certified diver, PADI instructors will take care and provide the best possible experience.
In the Mexican coast there are a number of sites where you can enjoy this activity, also innumerable companies of tours that offer the experience
Many times to enjoy this activity in a tour, will depend largely on the choice we make the tour and the Guide. Good tours and guides make the difference to make an experience only good or absolutely perfect. Therefore it is recommended to always be careful in choosing well these aspects, especially if it will be our first experience.
We invite you to experience snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas in some of the most beautiful bays such as Santa Maria and Chileno. Cabo Trek offers 2 different options:

This trip is especially recommended for those that like to stay on big boats, where the ocean movement is
not felt quite as much as on small boats. You can just sign up of a snorkeling experience and onboard you still have the opportunity to upgrade to a scuba diving experience.


On a private trip you have the freedom of choice: in terms of time, activity, location. It is surely recommended for those that like it a bit more quiet but still enjoying a nice and comfortable ride. Scuba diving is also available.


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Cabo Trek also offers:

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