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Snorkeling in Cabo

Article by Angelika Ludwiczak, guide and Marine Biologist at Cabo Trek

In Cabo Trek we offer you a wide variety of snorkeling options – from inside the bay, half day trips to admire corals and pretty fish, through whale shark experiences and swimming with amazing mobula rays and possibly dolphin or even orcas!

Snorkeling is a great opportunity to explore the ocean for everyone – both for kids and adults. There is no age limit, so don’t worry if you are not the most confident swimmer – we will equip you with a wetsuit that’ll keep you buoyant, mask, snorkel and fins. We also have life jackets available if you need them! Like on all our tours you’ll be guided by one of our professional marine biologists, that will not only make it fun and safe, but also a very informative experience.

bay of Cabo San Lucas is our most popular snorkeling destination – located only 5 minutes from the marina is a perfect destination if you want to have a shorter 2-hour trip. We will show you our amazing rocky landscape, you will get a chance to have a photo with the famous arch and finally – to see some stunning underwater life. At Pelican rock you will be sure to admire many different species of colorful fish, including angel fishes, puffers, pork fish, vivid parrot fishes, Mexican goat fishes and way more! Moreover, you can cross your fingers for spotting some eels, lobster or octopus hiding between the rocks. If we get lucky we may see some guitar fish, some curious sea lions or even big groups of rays.

If you are up for a longer trip and seeing some more of Los Cabos stunning coastline we would recommend going for a Santa Maria and Chileno snorkeling adventure. During half an hour boat ride you’ll admire the beautiful coast and possibly spot some of the pelagic life present in the area – dolphins, jumping mobula rays, sea turtles or even whales! When we reach our destination you’ll get to snorkel in two stunning spots by some of the most gorgeous beaches in the area.

If you’re a real adventure seeker and want to do some more extraordinary snorkeling we also have something for you! We offer a pelagic life snorkeling – between 4 and 8 hours of cruising the Sea of Cortez and swimming with thousands of stunning mobula rays, which are doing their yearly migration here. There’s also a possibility of seeing some dolphins, sea lions, orcas and, in the right season, even whales!

In the magnificent island of Espiritu Santo, being a marine reserve and a UNESCO site, you can jump in the water with curious sea lions that are one of the most fun animals to swim with! There are known for being playful and often interacting with people.

On the other hand, in the bay of La Paz we can take you for a swim with the biggest fish in the ocean – whale shark. Being a plankton feeders, they are also commonly referred to as gentle giants, as they measure up to 45 ft long!

What is more, we also offer private tours – personalized exactly to your needs. Just let us know what you’re most interested in and let’s start planning our adventure today!

Doesn’t matter which option you decide to choose it will surely give you some memories for a lifetime!


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