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You’re on vacation and suddenly an interesting dive opportunity arises. But you did your course in the late 90’s, you have been diving on and off since then but you may have put on a few pounds and you can’t quite remember how the necessary life -saving emergency skills work. And they work a bit differently compared to 25 years ago.  What should you do? Well until recently there were 2 options; A Scuba Tune Up, involving book work and a complete retrain of the pool skills, or, many a lazy dive center would sell you a quick refresher involving a couple of pointers before the dive and then hope for the best.

Now there is a 3rd option which combines the convenience of said refresher with the detailed retrain of important skills. I introduce to you the PADI ReActivate course. This is a perfect course for any of you carrying around laminated cards from the 1980’s seeing as you also get a new card delivered to your door. Or even a digital card delivered to your phone.

How is it done? Simply purchase an online quiz at to refresh and update dive theory. You contact the dive centre and book a PADI reactivate session. They will arrange a shallow water session with the dive instructor lasting about an hour where you will both select the most important skills to practice for you personally. Here in Cabo we have the option of training at Pelican Rock or the local beach as both offer calm water conditions. We can also offer refreshers at The Corridor and the National Marine Park: Cabo Pulmo. It´s advisable to go for a dive following the session to use these new skills and then once the instructor signs you off a new card will arrive to your phone or in the post.

Cabo San Lucas bay offers a variety of easy yet breathtaking dives only as far as a 10 minute boat ride. There is both a wreck and a sea lion colony in only 40 feet of water and all of the reefs are rocky sloping wall dives starting in only 20 feet of water. Very nice for refreshing forgotten skills.

The benefits of reviewing old skills are ample. If you are diving with the same dive operation in the following days you have had some practice using the same equipment that you are going to use on the actual dive. Dive equipment of course is essentially the same in function but design differs somewhat. This will mean more confidence and less anxiety just trying to make the best of it – which is what many rusty divers end up doing.  You will be correctly weighted already, meaning you can potentially stay down in the water for longer as your air consumption lasts longer. Your correct weighting leads to improved buoyancy: you are now a safer diver and will preserve the underwater realm by being able to hover confidently above the reef without destroying delicate aquatic life.

One to one time with an instructor is always the best option to get the best out of your experience and the ReActivate course is the perfect way to benefit from this.

If you would like to know more about ReActivating please contact us here at Cabo Trek. Our instructors are a more advanced level of trainer and our tours are private for optimal training results and personalised comfort.


By Laura Tyrrell IDC Staff Instructor

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