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No trip to Cabo San Lucas is complete without enjoying a day on the ocean with the migrating whales. Customer see a variety of whales on a daily basis during season, with the main attraction being the California grey whales and of course, the massive humpback whales.


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Our Staff Members

Our staff is multilingual, knowledgeable and what most importantly, they are friendly and sure to exceed your expectations. Cabo Whale Trek is proud to be the only company that can offer tours in English, Spanish, German and Italian. Cabo Whale Trek also prides itself on offering educational tours led by a U.S. university-trained marine biologist.

Before the Tour

The day of your tour you will meet in our office and storefront 15 minutes prior to the time of your tour. While in the shop we’ll process your payment, snap a few photos of you and your group for your free Cabo Whale Trek souvenir, and allow you time to shop around our storefront for any souvenirs and read up on some of the educational activities you’ll be partaking in that day. We offer free wi-fi, cookies, coffee, water and a comfy couch to rest on before everyone is ready to head to the dock.

Then we’ll take a quick 1 minute walk from the shop to the dock. There you’ll board our boat, put on your life vests, be given a complimentary bottle of water, and finally, set out on your whale trek adventure!

On Board

Your tour will begin with a trip to our famous Land’s End Arch. Here we’ll pause the boat ride for a brief moment to allow for pictures with the Arch and to explain our next destination, which is either out into the Pacific Ocean or out into the Sea of Cortez, depending on where the whales decide to play that day.

While out at sea your marine biologist guide will be busy spotting whales and educating guests on the whale behavior going on around you. Your trek biologist guide will also enlist the help of professional-grade hydrophones to see if the whales are communicating or “singing” below the surface and you may be the lucky customer that gets the rare opportunity to actually hear the whale songs live!

Also aboard every tour is our underwater video and camera system, which allows you to see the whales live and in action underwater. Your guide will place the audio and video equipment into the water, which then transmits live video and audio of whale activity to a monitor aboard the boat.

While you’re busying whale spotting and enjoying the educational whale watching tour, our professional wildlife photographer is busy capturing all the excitement! The wildlife photographer will be busy taking pictures as soon as we leave dock; that means he or she is busy capturing guests at Land’s End Arch, their excitement at the sight of whales and of course, the whales!

But who is driving the boat?! No worries, our experienced captain is busy at the wheel anticipating the next prime location for optimal whale watching and most importantly, ensuring we always maintain a safe and responsible distance from the whales.

When you book with Cabo Whale Trek you get guaranteed excellence, quality and attention to detail that can’t be found anywhere else.

After the Tour

2.5 hours later you’l have just experienced the whale watching and educational experience of a lifetime! We’ll head back to the dock and disembark. With guests in tow, our marine biologist and wildlife photographer will lead everyone back to the Cabo Whale Trek office and storefront. Upon return guests will be given their free Cabo Whale Trek picture souvenir and also have the opportunity to purchase photos or DVD’s from your tour and other Cabo Whale Trek souvenirs.

When to go

The Los Cabos whale watching season runs from the 15th of December until the 15th of April. The best times fall between January and March. A few lucky customers will get the rare gift of seeing mother whales and her newborn calves!

What can I see?

Aboard a Cabo Trek tour you can see a variety of whales. Gray, Humpback, Blue, Sperm, Fin, Bryde’s whales and Killer Whales all roam the oceans of the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean.

Besides the whales, there is an abundance of other amazing wildlife active at sea. California Sea Lions, Brown Pelicans, Frigates, Blue Footed Boobies, Leaping Rays, Dolphins and Sea Turtles are just some of the amazing encounters experienced regularly.

Why Book With Cabo Trek

The reasons are endless!

  1. We offer the ONLY truly educational and comprehensive whale watching tours in all of Los Cabos. Each 2.5 hour tour is full of teaching and engagement about whales, their behaviors, their habits and so much more. We guarantee that you will be beyond satisfied with our tour experience, our university-trained marine biologist guide, our wildlife photographer, our captains and our boats!
  2. We offer the most personal and intimate whale watching tours in all of Los Cabos and all of Baja California Sur. Each tour is a maximum of 10 people per tour, so there’s no fussing for shade, leg room or a better view.
  3. We are proud to be the ONLY organization in all of Los Cabos with a university trained and certified marine biologist and ichthyologist as our tour guide.
  4. At the end of your tour you receive a free souvenir to commemorate your trek and remember Cabo Whale Trek and your new whale friends by.

When to Go

  • January 100% 100%
  • February 100% 100%
  • March 90% 90%
  • April 80% 80%
  • May 0% 0%
  • June 0% 0%
  • July 0% 0%
  • August 0% 0%
  • September 0% 0%
  • October 0% 0%
  • November 80% 80%
  • December 100% 100%